Joanne has a great deal of understanding relating to dog behaviour, training & welfare issues. She has excellent attention to welfare, what dogs need and owner/client expectations. She is very intuitive both with dogs and clients and has a fantastic eye for detail. Her observational skills are first class and every single dog we worked with responded positively, naturally gravitating to Joanne. She is able to remain calm, focussed and relaxed even with highly energetic, boisterous or stressed dogs.

She has a relaxed, approachable and friendly manner with people, will remaining professional at all times and all clients engaged well with her.

My dogs thoroughly enjoyed their training with Joanne.

Lisa Hird

Owner, Dog Behaviour Clinic

We were recommended to Jo by Alberto, Senior Partner at Vets for Pets in Romford,due to Bailey (Chocolate Labrador) developing an anxiety to going on his walks, which he used to love and wait for.

When we first met Jo she was very friendly and introduced herself to Bailey straight away who really took to her. Jo sat with us and went through all of our concerns and went into the detail of Bailey’s background and current problems, which she then later sent to us as a report.

Jo then came out for a walk with us to watch Bailey and his reactions and could tell the same as us that he was very anxious but showed us some very good techniques we could use to try and distract him from his fears and we were able to get him to walk for a short distance. Jo also left us with a disc with noises on which Bailey is scared of to help to try and get him to hear these as part of everyday life.

After Jo’s initial visit she sent us a behavioural plan to follow with Bailey and arranged two further visits where again she was very helpful and could see the difference herself and suggested further ways we could help Bailey.

Since Jo’s last visit we have been working with Bailey to try and help him conquer his fears and even though he is not completely there yet we have noticed a big difference when using Jo’s techniques.

Overall Jo was very good at what she does and very friendly answering any questions we had. We would definitely recommend Jo and Paw-Position to other dog owners.

Sian & Jason Pearce

I got in touch with Jo to ask for help with our 5 year old Labrador, Rufus. He had become very nervous at home of all sorts of everyday household noises that previously had not worried him, such as mobile phones and hairdryers. His behaviour had become worse when we were out too and he had become unpredictable in his responses to other dogs and so on.

In her first visit Jo took plenty of time to ask us all the background information about Rufus; his daily routine, general behaviour, how he responds when he’s nervous and so on. She also made her own observations both in the house and out walking. In this first visit Jo made some really useful observations and picked up things that we had previously not even connected. She gave us some techniques to try which were really easy for us to adopt and Rufus began to respond very well to them. She then provided us with a detailed behaviour plan that would enable us to help Rufus begin to respond differently to the things that made him nervous.

In her second visit a week later we were very happy and relieved as she told us she could see a really big improvement in Rufus in just that short amount of time. We are still in the process of using these new techniques and Rufus is learning very well and making really good progress.

Jo has given us a much better understanding of why Rufus is responding as he is, and the advice and suggestions she has given us is producing really good results.


I would like to express our gratitude for the amazing way you have helped us transform our Bull Terrier from an uncontrollable frenzy to a little treasure (well most of the time anyway). By suggesting that we change his diet and by us punishing him in the right way he is starting to have the makings of a very good dog. Patience is a must and you have shown us that. He has stopped biting and nipping as much and hasn’t drawn blood for a while (as you know we have the scars to prove it). Without your help I’m not sure that we would have been able to keep him so we are really grateful for all your tips and the time you have given us and him. So very glad you were recommended to us Jo and thank you once again.

Barry & Trudy

My bulldog Meg suddenly had a fear of leaving my flat in Central London. She would just lie down and refuse to move if we tried to go more than a couple of streets away from the flat. Jo assessed that Meg was worried about traffic and other loud noises. She recommended that we used a DVD at home, and we distracted Meg with a toy when I wanted to get her away from her normal walks. This combined with Jo visiting us and walking Meg has had very positive results. I would recommend Paw-Position to anyone who is worried about their dog as both Jo and her husband are both dog lovers, and they both show a genuine interest in your dog’s welfare.

Danny Williams