1-2-1 Behavioural Services

I will come to your home and work with you to improve your dog’s behaviour. I will need to gather all the information regarding your dog’s including daily routine, exercise and what type of food you are currently feeding. I do like to go for a walk with the dog so that I can get a full picture both inside and outside of the house.

I will then start to work with your dog and show you the techniques you can use in order to improve your dog’s behaviour.


1-2-1 Training

Whether you have a puppy or an adult, all dogs should be well trained in the cues that could save his or her life. In this session, I can show you life skills such as recall, leave, drop, wait, watch as well as the basic obedience cues such as loose lead walking, sit, down and polite greetings.

For puppies, I can teach you how to stop nipping and biting, how to toilet train and discuss the advantages of crate or cage training.


Reactive Dog Training

After the initial 1-2-1 Behavioural Consultation, I will meet with you with one of my dogs. In this session, we will discuss how you are getting on with the behavioural plan and then go outside and work with my dog. We will do some set up situations such as meeting and greeting a strange dog, walking past and relaxation techniques.

This will leave you with methods and the confidence when meeting with other dogs.

Success Stories